Sending Serendipity

send·ing verb \ˈsendiNG/

: to cause (a letter, a package, etc.) to go or to be carried from one place or person to another

ser·en·dip·i·ty noun \ serənˈdipədē/

: an unexpected, happy discovery

I just bought a couple more bracelets, I'm obsessed! I really love them 😀😀

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"Just a girl who believed she could, so she did."

All bracelets are handmade by Traci Howarton-Garcia, Shop Owner, at her kitchen table in Tempe, Arizona. Each bracelet purchased helps support our family and loved ones. A huge Thank You to all of our friends, family for their love and support. A special thank your to each and every one of you that has spent your hard earned money to purchase one of our bracelets. Your kindness melts our hearts! 

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